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Bleak House Books in Hong Kong.

Reading List: Winter 2018

Article by Sam Rose 12.05.2018

Albert Wan of Hong Kong’s Bleak House Books (bleak​ picks titles to keep you wide awake and on the edge of your seat.

By Marina Benjamin
Scribe, $19, Nov. 8

“In her memoir Benjamin chronicles her battle with insomnia, a condition that she considers uniquely female in its choice of victim. But what if the best cure is no cure at all? Hers is a unique and philosophical take on the potentially therapeutic effects of sleeplessness.”


Che: A Revolutionary Life
By Jon Lee Anderson and José Hernández
Penguin Press, $35, Nov. 13

“With this graphic novel, one of Mexico’s leading political cartoonists breathes new life into Anderson’s seminal biography of Che Guevara.”


Hong Kong Noir
Edited by Jason Y. Ng and Susan Blumberg-Kason
Akashic Books, $16, Dec. 5

“Now in the 14th year of its Noir series — which has collected original stories from Brooklyn to Istanbul to Lagos — Akashic has assembled a delightfully dark collection of fiction from Hong Kong, a city where talk is cheap and cash is still king.”


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