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6 Ways Club Level Can Make Business Travel Simpler

Article by Ellen Ranta Olson 08.11.2017

Frequent business travel can wear down even the most seasoned jet-setter. With intimate spaces and detailed amenities, The Ritz-Carlton Club Level Lounges provide a much-needed antidote to the monotony of work travel, making your life on the road feel a little more like home. 

1. Up your productivity with a change of scenery.

A small location change can help get you thinking in more innovative ways. Break away from your hotel room desk and take refuge in the Club Level’s well-appointed lounges where you’re free to focus on your work — everything else is taken care of. 

2. Take your client meetings beyond the bar.

Need a quiet space to entertain clients and also get some work done? The Club Lounge provides the perfect mix of a relaxing, homey atmosphere and peaceful workspaces, giving you a chance to truly connect with clients. And with gourmet food and drinks available, you’ll still be able to offer an entertaining evening.

3. Share stories and ideas with other business travelers.

You’d be surprised what opportunities can be born out of chance meetings, especially when you expand your horizons beyond your existing circles. The communal atmosphere in the Club Level Lounges encourages guests to share stories with like-minded travelers from all around the world. It’s not uncommon for Club Lounge guests to forge quick connections, digging into real talk rather than small talk.

4. Get a head start to your day with breakfast and the latest headlines.

Starting your morning with a proper meal can boost productivity, help improve your mood and give you stamina to power through a long day. Dining in a Club Lounge allows you to skip crowded coffee shops and enjoy a bit of quiet before the day begins. Pair it with your favorite newspaper and as much coffee as your morning requires, and you’re ready to take on the day.

5. Retreat to an oasis after a long day.

Indulge in regional culinary delights made with locally sourced ingredients, sip on a handcrafted cocktail and enjoy the company of kindred spirits — all without leaving the hotel. Whether you’re in search of a moment of solitude or a more convivial atmosphere, you’ll find much-needed wind-down time.

6. Enjoy the special experiences found only in Club Level Lounges.

From classes in floral arranging to exclusive spa treatments, each Club Level Lounge location offers unique experiences that draw on the region’s heritage and culture. Shut down the laptop and connect with fellow travelers over a Colonial-era board game in Boston, try your hand at floral arranging alongside the in-house florist in New York, or catch a live cooking demonstration in New Orleans, where po’boys, gumbo and beignets are standard fare. But there’s one thing that you’ll find in all the lounges: the time to connect — as well as a shared sensibility among the guests that allows you to do just that.

Learn how to upgrade your Ritz-Carlton stay to a Club Level experience. 

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