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How to Get More Done on Your Next Business Trip

Article by Jeff Ficker 12.06.2017

Improve your productivity — and find time and energy to enjoy your destination — with these practical tips from frequent business travelers

No one knows better how to get the most out of life on the road than frequent business travelers whose strategies have been honed over years. Direct from their experience, these are the tried-and-true rules of the road.

Club Lounge

Hotel club areas are even more hardworking. The Ritz-Carlton Club Level is a collection of inspired, communal spaces designed to make every stay unforgettable. Guests who stay on the Club Level enjoy a host of customized amenities, including access to the Club Lounge, a luxurious private space featuring all-day culinary presentations and personalized service. After a long day of travel, having a well-appointed place to invite clients and colleagues or simply work quietly — without having to research unfamiliar options or even venture off-site — is more than convenient; it’s good business. Tip: If you’re strapped for time, ask one of our Ladies and Gentlemen for a boxed lunch to take on the go; they can often pack it up for you in a temperature-controlled bag.

On the Run

On a tight itinerary, one must do more with less. A morning jog accomplishes at least three things: It lets you fit in your workout, provides a meditative moment, and allows you to explore a new city (or, if you’re lucky, a glorious stretch of coastline or wooded trail). You might be surprised at how intimate a destination feels before it comes alive for the day, and the distractions of sightseeing can help you power through any flags in energy you experience along the way. Ask your concierge for a suggested route, or use an app, like MapMyRun, to plan your path or to see those created by other runners.

Couple jogs on a path next to a river during a brilliantly sunny day

Cultural Connection

The art of charm is essential in most industries, so it’s critical to understand the nuances of social etiquette before you arrive. Go above and beyond that, though, to deepen your understanding of a destination and the connections you make there. Scrolling through Instagram before your flight? For a personal and visual sense of place, use the app to see the latest and most popular photos taken there. You can also search Google News or Twitter for key stories and conversations taking place in the area. If you just want to unwind and relax, you can always seek entertainment (music, movies, podcasts, books) created or set in your destination. You may gain insight for small talk or even a phrase in the local language.

Sleep, Solved

The last thing you want at an important meeting is the brain fog of jet lag. Everyone reacts to changing time zones differently but for most people exposure to daylight upon landing, as well as trying to stay awake until the destination’s usual bedtime, will get the body on track more quickly. Hydration also helps — drink plenty of water, and try to avoid alcohol the first night; though it may help you fall asleep faster, it tends to disrupt the sleep cycle and make jet lag worse. For a gentle sleep aid, try aromatherapy — you can combine a soothing scent such as lavender at bedtime with a rejuvenating oil (peppermint, rosemary) in the morning or during the dreaded afternoon slump.

A king bed with a wall-like headboard leading to a bathroom with a double vanity and glass-enclosed shower

Sound Advice

When you need to put the final touches on a presentation or pitch, you don’t want the clamor of the cabin ringing in your ears. Noise-canceling headphones block out ambient noise so you can work without auditory distraction. Look for a pair that promises “active noise cancellation” (wireless capability is a nice bonus). Of course, if you just want to listen to music or a movie, you’ll find they’re a silent savior there, too.

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