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A Magical Destination Wedding

Photographed by Greg Finck 03.20.2018

A picturesque resort near Lisbon was everything this London-based couple could ask for, and more.

The Ritz-Carlton’s historic Penha Longa Resort in Sintra, Portugal, near Lisbon, was the perfect setting for the September 2016 wedding of Pedro Pena (right) and Rodrigo Romero Hidalgo.

“We met at a housewarming party organized by common friends in London. Our story is the ultimate cliche of love at first sight. We would say it was attraction at first sight, love at first chat. Minutes after meeting each other we both knew we had found the person we wanted to spend our life with. It was all very strange and quite mysterious, but at the same time very real and intense. Since the day we met we haven’t spent a night when we’re both in London that we don’t sleep under the same roof. The rest, as they say...”

“The Penha Longa Resort was the first place shown by our wedding planners, The Wedding Company, and it simply set the bar too high for other places. When we were shown to the ceremony area, there was a lot of symbolism that was hard to ignore and that made it almost an instant decision. Being surrounded by the mountains, the backdrop for the ceremony, the Nuncios palace for the reception. It was a perfect click from an emotional, visual standpoint.”

“We wanted the almost impossible combination of a solid infrastructure capable of accommodating 300 people coming from 20+ countries with a magical location that would provide a stage for wonderful memories to be created not only with our ceremony but also individually for our guests and their families. We scouted a few alternative places, but Penha Longa Resort was the one that immediately understood our needs, adapted to our circumstances, found solutions where they did not exist and more importantly, exuded the deep knowledge of executing large events that feel unique and special.”

“The most important thing for us was flawless frictionless execution. To make sure all moving pieces were going to be at the right place at the right time, with the elegance and beauty imagined for the day. We wanted to be sure we wouldn’t have to worry about anything and that our guests would be treated like royalty.”

“We remember absolutely every detail of the wedding day, unlike what some friends told us. But the vows were without a doubt the favorite moment of the entire day. It was a moment that was deeply emotional for us, but also one that we felt in sync with our families and friends. There was a very strong and powerful energy connecting all of us. To this day, people keep reminding us how they can’t forget that moment.”

Plan Your Wedding at Penha Longa Resort

Tables set up around a pool surrounded by candles and fortress walls

Penha Longa Resort

Sintra, with its lush green hills and 16th-century palaces, was destined for wedding romance. At Penha Longa, couples can bring their fairytale to life with the assistance of the resort’s wedding experts.

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