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Bride and groom dancing outside at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Natural Romance

06.02.2016 Photographed by Clarke Romero

A common heritage helped bring Yasmine Qaddumi and her future husband, Bassam Jarbawi, together. So when the time came to plan their wedding, the couple wanted to honor their ancestry. Both of Palestinian descent, Yasmine and Bassam decided to wed at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai — chosen for its sublime beachfront elegance and easy international access — while paying homage to their shared geography with native plants, food and décor that brought a touch of home to a thoroughly cosmopolitan celebration.

Bride and groom standing under a palm tree at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Yasmine and Bassam are all smiles on their big day.

Bride and groom dancing outside at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

The bride’s dress was designed by Krikor Jabotian. The groom’s suit is from Belvest.

The hotel’s grand Loulou’A Ballroom was the perfect backdrop to the couple’s romantic vision. The Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton “pampered us,” Yasmine says. “They made sure we were always happy.”

Grand ballroom set for the wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

The couple wanted the food and décor to reflect their Palestinian heritage. Elegant natural elements brought their beautiful native flora and fauna indoors.

Wedding table setting at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Flights of fancy define the tabletop aesthetic.

Bride and groom on the dance floor at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

The evening’s entertainment included an international band, a DJ and the Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama.

Pastel tables on emerald grass await a wedding reception at sunset

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