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Travel Memories

A collection of lasting memories from around the world. 

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The Ritz-Carlton knows that sharing unique travel moments with loved ones is an essential part of any getaway.

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Your Travel Memories

Through My Daughter’s Eyes in Hong Kong

“Traveling with my special sidekick forced me to slow down and appreciate Hong Kong in a new way.”

- Henley Vazquez, CEO & contributor of Feather + Flip

Henley Vazquez and her daughter in Hong Kong

C'est la Vie in Paris

"Paris has always been my real home--the place I spent five formative years after I graduated from college. When I returned recently to research and write my memoir, My Paris Dream, I ended up spending more time visiting friends, attending fashion shows, and shopping for cheese in my favorite markets."

- Kate Betts, Fashion Journalist and author of My Paris Dream


Kate Betts in Paris

Sunset Serenity in Bali

“As a chef, I inspire and get inspired by going into the food market, and taking in the great aromas and flavors from a legendary restaurant. If I am not around great food, I am relaxing and enjoying the breathtaking views by the beach with my lovely wife and kids.”

- Chef Richard Long


Chef Richard long in Bali

Home in Hanoi on Phuket Island

“There’s something magical about walking on Phuket Island after a rain shower. The air is so pure and the sand is as smooth as pepper. I’ll always remember that moment.” 

- Hui Shilin, Designer and Photographer


Phuket Island