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Owner and founder of Lilla P, Pauline

Meet the Woman Behind Lilla P

Interview with Pauline Sokol Nakios 10.05.2016 Photographed by Lilla P

Eighteen years ago, Lilla P owner and creative director Pauline Sokol Nakios set out to design staples for every woman’s closet. Today, her pieces are also essential to any stylish traveler’s wardrobe.

You launched Lilla P in 1998. How have things changed?

We started with basic tees, and eventually our customers wanted more. In adding categories to the line, we knew they had to align with what we’re known for, which is cotton. We now offer a full collection of women’s casual wear that includes sweaters, jackets, bottoms and woven pieces.

Fashion is a challenging industry. What advice do you have for those looking to break in?

Get as much experience as you can in as many different aspects of the industry as possible. Even if you know what you want to do, it’s important to get the full picture, especially if you plan to break out on your own. Networking is essential, as is surrounding yourself with good people.

Storefront of Lilla P

How does travel inspire your work?

I get a ton of inspiration from travel. I love exploring colors and textures that are apparent in other countries and weaving them into our inspiration boards. If you look back at my Summer 2015 line, you’ll see the results of a trip to Greece; the striking, signature blue found throughout the country and the rich earth tones reflective of the landscape.

What pieces make up your travel wardrobe?

With each collection, I aim to create easy-to-wear pieces that become staples in a woman’s wardrobe—including my own. Jeans and a black Lilla P tank are the foundation for my day-to-day look. For travel, I add a few colors of our short-sleeve crew neck tees, a casual blazer and our Origami cardigan, which can be worn in 13 different ways. With these few pieces, I can create a ton of different looks.

How did you decide to partner with The Ritz-Carlton?

I think The Ritz-Carlton and Lilla P have a lot in common, so the partnership seemed natural. The Ritz-Carlton is luxurious yet still inviting and has a service-oriented culture that sets the experience apart. With Lilla P, we also pay attention to those finer details that really make a difference, and our pieces are elegant but also approachable.


About Lilla P


Lilla P is a collection perfectly tailored for today's casual lifestyle that calls for clothing that is effortless yet sophisticated. Lilla P stays true to the brand's ethos by rethinking the classics and offering modern styling, always on trend. Unfettered yet full of subtle detail and pared down luxury, Lilla P's hallmarks are clean lines, quality fabrications and an impeccable fit.

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