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Michelin-Starred Meals Around the World

For centuries, chefs around the world have have refined cooking, transforming it into a magnificent art. Now, a celebrated group of modern masters is earning Michelin stars for their audaciously innovative restaurants.

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Aqua: Germany’s Three-Starred Culinary Tour de Force

One of only a handful of restaurants to receive the coveted three-Michelin-star designation, Aqua at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg showcases modern German cuisine. A former pastry chef, Chef Sven Elverfeld has a keen eye for detail and it shows in his complex dishes. He often highlights strong flavors, such as eel marinated for two days with Asian spices before being grilled and served with burnt yuzu kimchi. He also has a predilection for new and creative combinations, as found in ragouts made from ingredients like oysters and pork jowls. “I like surprises, both flavor wise and aromatic wise,” Elverfeld says. 

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M.B.: Spanish-Inspired Flavors Reimagined by a Basque Chef

The career of Chef Martin Berasategui at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama began when, as a teen, he helped his mother run a fish-focused restaurant in the small coastal city of San Sebastian in Spain’s Basque Country. There, he cultivated a respect and passion for Spain’s distinct flavors, which are reflected in M.B’s innovative menu. For instance, in a nod to the ubiquitous pepper stews found in many Spanish villages, Berasategui serves turbot flatfish with mayonnaise made from a medley of peppers. And local ingredients like hake fish are wrapped in slices of exceptional Iberian bacon — the same bacon you can find transformed into foam alongside calamari.

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A dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows
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Tosca: Italian Traditions with a Subtle Asian Twist

Chef Pino Lavarra is the mastermind behind Tosca at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, one of the city’s most well-regarded Italian restaurants. Lavarra specializes in the satisfying cuisine of Southern Italy, where he grew up. In a small village in Puglia, his mother passed along traditions and a passion for food. By the age of 14, he had already begun professional training. Today, he brings a modern touch to the cooking of his childhood, introducing Hong Kong to entirely new flavors. Standout dishes include homemade spaghetti alla chitarra that incorporates basil chlorophyll and charcoal crust wagyu tenderloin, and is served alongside radicchio, walnut, and crispy mustard. “To me, every dish is a piece of art,” Chef Lavarra says. “Sea Tiramisu, our signature dish, is the best example. It is an innovative appetizer that uses seafood soup foam and plankton to imitate tiramisu.”

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Azure 45: French Cuisine Inspired by Japanese Sensibilities

Chef de Cuisine Shintaro Miyazaki guides diners along a journey of upscale nouveau French dining at Azure 45 on the 45th floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, in a city where more Michelin stars shine than in any other in the world. Miyazaki and his dedicated team employ specialty ingredients from the best sources on the planet, including AOC Kintoa pork from Spanish Basque Country, celebrated Bazas beef from southwestern France, and, more locally, fresh wild catches from the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido. Miyazaki got his start as a patissier, and his attention to detail is evident in each artfully prepared dish, such as his carefully arranged foie gras sandwich petits fours, and tender suckling veal perfectly doused with au jus.

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Seasonal Menu at La Baie
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La Baie: Old-World Seafood Dishes, Reimagined

Chef Christophe Gibert of La Baie at The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, was born and raised in Bretagne, the historic province in northwestern France. He developed his culinary skills by working at various restaurants throughout France, before moving to Japan to helm La Baie.  Chef Gibert is passionate about using ingredients in season and presents his dishes with delightful seasonal touches. He specializes in using local ingredients together with a variety of seasonal flavors from different countries and cooks them with techniques that bring out their flavors to the fullest, providing a unique and memorable dining experience.

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A rectangular plate with pieces of sushi
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Kabuki: Japanese Dishes Infused with a Latin Flair

At The Ritz-Carlton, Abama in Spain’s Canary Islands, guests can enjoy a wide range of carefully prepared Japanese cuisine at Kabuki. Executive Chef Daniel Franco serves sushi, yakitori and tempura dishes with Latin influences in a relaxed, oceanfront setting. Thin slices of white fish sashimi are accompanied by bright mojo verde salsa. Exceptional Spanish pork is grilled with sweet yakiniku Japanese barbecue sauce. And langoustines and other premium seafood are crisped up into light and satisfying bites of tempura. Options are the main dining room, the Sushi Bar or the Kabuki Space, a private dining concept that offers personalized bites prepared with a performance in the style of Kabuki theater.

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A man in chef’s whites prepares food behind a low counter with seating
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Mizuki: Immersive Japanese Cuisine

At Mizuki at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, guests enjoy a dynamic dining experience that highlights various Japanese culinary techniques. Featuring four distinct cuisines, this Michelin-starred restaurant combines precise culinary preparation with lively presentation. Here, guests can observe skilled chefs prepare tempura and teppan in open kitchens, savor some of the finest sushi in Kyoto at the 11-meter counter or indulge in the quintessential Japanese experience of kaiseki. 

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Dining space with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a Japanese garden as well as a single, long dining counter
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Hanagatami: Dining Inspired by a Tranquil Japanese Garden

Tempura by Hanagatami is a chic dining space where guests can enjoy live cooking in front of their eyes at the counter. Chef Takeshi Fukana displays refined craftsmanship with exquisite tempura prepared from seasonal ingredients, finely coated in a specially formulated batter, and fried to crisp in fine safflower oil. The chef’s signature tempura sauce and recommended salts acquired from all regions of Japan enhance the experience — as does a glass of Champage hand-selected by the sommelier.

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