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Coquí & Rum Salute: All the Ingredients for the Perfect Island Experience

Article by Melissa Liebling-Goldberg 07.18.2017

On the dreamy Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, a multisensory experience awaits. The melodic sounds of the coquí frog and flavorful local rums create a truly unique evening.

A long day spent on the white sand beaches of Isla Verde. Romantic strolls through the charming cobblestone streets of Historic Old San Juan. Hiking and zip-lining through the El Yunque rain forest. However you spend your day in delightful San Juan, Puerto Rico, you will want to relax into the evening with an even more magical experience that is waiting for you as the sun dips below the horizon.

The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan has recently launched the sunset Coquí & Rum Salute on the newly renovated Lobby Lounge Terrace, taking place primarily on the weekends. You probably know a little something about rum, but you might be asking, what exactly is a coquí? With 17 different species within the genus Eleutherodactilus, the coquí is a local frog noted for its distinctive song. Often found in the rain forest, the adorable, coin-size frogs come out at sunset, with the males singing love songs (no, really) to the females to alert them of their presence and territory.


"The coquí is our symbol,” says Warlenis Rodríguez Sosa, ceremony speaker and guest relations coordinator at The Ritz-Carlton. “We want our guests to identify with this special creature, to be more involved with our culture by having more knowledge about what may seem different for them — the coquí and also our rums." Ah, yes, let's not forget the local rums that are a part of the ceremony as well. As you would expect of the area that is known for its rum-making tradition, there are many local spirits to be passionate about. Guests can sample Ron del Barrilito (the country's oldest brand) and Don Q Gran Añejo rums, which are simply mixed with lemon juice or prepared into a light tropical daiquiri.

All of this is experienced out on the luxurious Lobby Lounge Terrace, which Sosa describes as having "an ambience of relaxation. It allows you to feel the warmth of our island. At the same time, you will feel immersed in nature, surrounded by our gardens and musical coquís." During the evening ceremony, Sosa and her fellow speakers entertain guests with a brief explanation and history of the native coquí. Guests can then sit back, sip rum and listen to the song of the frogs as dusk sets in over the San Juan skyline. It’s the ideal cocktail hour before heading into dinner at one of the resort's many fine dining options, like the famed BLT Steak and Il Mulino.

For a more relaxed evening, enjoy the sampling of many different flavors through the tapas-style dishes at the Lobby Lounge. Whatever your dining pleasure, you're guaranteed to have had a more unique drink to kick off your evening than most thanks to the Coquí & Rum Salute. And as a final souvenir of your experience, guests are given a special commemorative pin of the coquí to take home and enjoy.

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