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Last Wish cocktail from Highball & Harvest in Orlando, Florida

Last Wish

Recipe by Highball & Harvest 05.16.2016

Highball & Harvest serves up a smoky-sweet cocktail recipe to add to your arsenal.

In the era of the cocktail’s revival, dreaming up a new drink — one that’s fresh and unique yet as impeccably delicious as any of the classics — can be daunting. But when you have your own farm, bursting with flavorful produce, inspiration comes easy.

At Highball & Harvest, the modern Southern restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, proximity to the property’s own Whisper Creek Farm is used to great advantage. Matt Cristi, general manager for the restaurant, recommends The Last Wish, a twist on an Old Fashioned that uses oranges from the resort’s groves.

“It’s an all-encompassing collective of aromatic experiences, offering the comfort of cola, the smokiness of cigars and peated malt whiskey, and the perfume of orange.” 

The whiskey also has its own story. High West combines its classic American Prairie Reserve bourbon with a single-malt scotch. “This combination is a rarity,” Cristi notes. Whiskey aficionados, in particular, can drink to that.


1 ounce High West Campfire whiskey

¼ ounce Smith & Cross Jamaica rum

¾ ounce spiced cola syrup

Frozen orange sphere

Tobacco bitters


Add the first three ingredients to a mixing glass and stir well. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass over the frozen orange sphere. Finish with a spray of tobacco bitters.

At Highball & Harvest, handcrafted cocktails are infused with seasonal fruits and herbs which creates a southern culinary adventure that is as inspiring as it is memorable.

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