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5 Reasons Your Kids will Love Bali

Article by Prhativi Dyah 09.14.2016

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, invites younger guests to embark on an adventure that brings local Balinese customs to life.  Especially suited to younger guests, these 5 experiences will be the highlight of your young adventurers time on the Island of The Gods.

1. Flying kites is an integral part of Balinese culture. In celebration of the annual Kite Festivals, families are invited to join Kite Runner program.  Resort specialists created this program with a local expert to help parents bond with their children.  Kids can create their own custom masterpiece from the materials and framework provided and write personal wishes on the tail of the kite, before flying it off into the skies.

2. The pristine white beach at the resort is the natural location of choice for nesting sea turtles. Between June to October each year, guests are invited to join the release together with the resort’s Ladies and Gentlemen. Families learn more about nature conservation and walk with the turtles as they make their way to the water, led by the kids.

Child with a baby sea turtle on the sands of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

3. Janur are traditional Balinese decorations made from young palm leaves. As you travel around the island, you are sure to see them – from tiny, simple crafts to large, elaborate creations, they are found at every Balinese celebration. Children learn how to make the most popular, simple pieces by folding, plaiting, weaving and bringing together these pale ribbon-shaped leaves into gorgeous crafts to show off to their friends back home.

4. Learning about a local delicacy is nice, yet getting the chance to make one is even better.  Bali is known for its wide range of cuisines, with one of the popular dishes being local sweets made of rice flour, palm sugar and grated coconut. Children will be transformed to junior chefs as they make their own sweets and traditional Balinese foods.

5. Young ladies can channel their inner under-the-sea princess with the ‘Young Mermaid’ activity. The activity provides young ladies with all necessary mermaid essentials while simultaneously giving families the chance to create magical moments of their own. To begin the transformation into the aquatic princess, they will receive a face painting and change into their colorful mermaid swimsuit. Throughout the afternoon, children are invited to splash around with their own fin. 

Plan Your Visit to Bali

  • Bali

    Location Bali, Indonesia

    Experience Beautiful cliff tops overlooking the Indian Ocean and white sands.

    • Tropical paradise with lush landscapes
    • Spacious cliff top villas with private pools
    • Exotic dishes made with local flavors