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Frette's 4 Steps to a Dream Bed

Interview with Amy Skarbnik of Frette 05.24.2016 Photographs by Frette

Before deciding who will make the bed, engaged couples may need a little help figuring out how. Frette’s marketing manager Amy Skarbnik offers her tips on using your wedding registry to build the perfect bed.  Building a life together means building a home together, and your registry is the perfect place to start. When my fiancé and I were adding linens to our list, we followed a few simple steps to make sure we would both end up with our dream bed. Once you’re ready, Frette’s buying guide is the perfect place to get started. 

Frette’s Amy Skarbnik and fiancé Evan Frankel were engaged in October of 2015.

Step 1:  Pick Your Cotton

Thread count (threads per square inch of fabric) is one aspect of picking sheets, but it’s not the most important. I recommend you first figure out what type of cotton you and your partner prefer.  

  • Cotton percale: Lightweight cotton that is smooth and crisp to the touch; perfect if you tend to get hot when you sleep
  • Cotton sateen: Very soft with a smooth, silky feel
  • Poplin: Stronger cotton with a remarkable sheen and brightness
  • Linen: Ideal for warmer climates with a fresh feel and silky shine

“Bedding is very personal. I once tried switching up the sheets from cotton sateen to percale, and as soon as my fiancé put his feet in bed (without divulging that I changed the sheets), he mentioned they weren't as soft.”

White linens and luxurious bed

Picking your preferred type of cotton should come before looking at thread count.    

Step 2:  Decide on the Details

The beauty of designing a bed is that there’s no one way to do it. Depending on your style and preferences, you can select which elements you want to incorporate. Frette’s bedding guide offers a visual explanation of the various components.

Regardless of what elements you choose, I always recommend registering for extra sets of sheets, pillowcases and fitted sheets. They are wonderful to have on hand for you and your guests.

“I have acted as the ‘bedding consultant’ for my friends, and this diagram has made the process less overwhelming for them.”

Frette bedding style finder

Frette’s bedding guide can help decide what details you want to incorporate.      

1. The Euro Sham

2. Sham

3. Pillowcase

4. Decorative Pillow

5. Sheet Set

6. Duvet Cover

7. Light Quilt

8. Bedspread



Go Custom: If you can dream it, Frette can make it happen. Frette Bespoke creates the most comprehensive and exclusive service for its customers.  Frette's highly skilled team will guide you through each step of your personal design project to bring your distinctive vision to live.  Contact their team to set up an appointment:

Step 3: Figure Out Your Style

Do you prefer a modern, classic or opulent look? At Frette, we work with customers from around the world, each with their own aesthetic and style of home. Frette's style finder uses a few simple questions to offer personalized recommendations. I suggest you and your partner go through it separately and then together to find pieces that work for both of you.

Three beds with Frette linens

Bedding is another reflection of your personal style.

Step 4: Choose a Color Palette

Bedding is a great way to add color and pattern to your bedroom, whether you prefer soothing neutrals, mixing patterns or a monochromatic palette. If you like to switch up your bedding often, I recommend sticking to one color and using your Euro Shams and light quilt to refresh your look.

A monochromatic base is perfect for those who prefer to refresh their bedding style often.

About Frette

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Since 1860, Frette has endeavored to produce linens and home furnishings of unparalleled quality. Known for their chic, original design and inimitable finish and feel, Frette bed linens can be found in many of the world’s most prestigious hotels as well as in the most discerning private homes, yachts and aircrafts.