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The 4 Most Common Questions Golf Pros Are Asked

Article by IMG Academy 09.19.2016

The golf pros from The Ritz-Carlton Members Club, Sarasota and IMG Academy have helped hundreds of golfers improve their game — and they hear the same questions no matter the person’s handicap. Turns out, players at all levels want to improve their game in similar ways. Here, Mark Rummings, Director of Golf at The Ritz-Carlton Members Club, Sarasota, and Kevin Collins, Senior Instructor at IMG Academy, share the answers to the most commonly asked questions they hear on the links.


1. How Do I Improve My Putting?

You hit the ball well off the tee, but your game starts to collapse as soon as you get to the green. The fix for your three-putting nightmare? Watch as our pros show you how to assess the speed of the green and increase the consistency of your short putts. 

2. How big of an impact can the slope of the green have?

The short answer - a downhill slope can often more than double the distance a ball will roll.  Our pros use a Stimpmeter to show us just how much of a difference the slope can have on how a putt will break.  Putting in the practice to assess uphill or downhill putts is the best way to learn how hard you need to hit to go the distance.


3. How Do I Drive Farther (and More Accurately) from the Tee?

Don’t let too much backspin steal yards off your game. The proper form can make all the difference. Our pros from The Ritz-Carlton Members Club, Sarasota and IMG Academy offer tips for launching the ball the right way, every time.

4. What’s the Best Way to Get Out of a Bunker?

It’s your worst nightmare: hitting your ball into a bunker as other golfers look on. You start panicking and quickly dig yourself into a hole. The next time it happens to you, don’t lose your cool. Just follow this advice from our pros. 



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