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The Stylish Traveler’s Ultimate Summer Accessory: Colored Diamonds

By Anne Ichikawa 06.15.2017 Diamond Photography by Asprey

Evocative of tropical islands and far-flung lands, the bold, rich hues of colored diamonds
make them the perfect style touch for summer travel. British design house Asprey share tips for your next getaway.

Summer is here. That means it’s finally time to go on that relaxing trip you planned during the cold months of winter. But before you turn on your out-of-office message, you need to decide what jewelry to put in your bag so you can accessorize properly no matter what time zone you’re in. Robert O’Connell, CEO Asprey USA, gives his glowing recommendation for colored diamonds — a summer traveler’s best friend.


Aruba | 3.48 carat fancy deep-blue pear-shape; 1.82 and 1.73 carat deep-blue pear-shapes.

You say that Asprey exemplifies the idea of “discreet indulgence” and how colored diamonds really capture this concept. How so?

Discreet indulgence captures the essence of colored diamonds. Everyone appreciates how beautiful they are, but colored diamonds are also extremely rare so not everyone will recognize what you are wearing. For every 10,000 diamonds, only one is graded by GIA as a “fancy” colored diamond.


St. Thomas | Les Roses de Josephine Set: 3.19 carat and 3.10 carat fancy yellow-green pear-shape stones are set within a bed of rose-cut pink diamonds and held by pink butterfly wings; 3.01 carat fancy purple-pink pear-shape diamond perched on rose cut green diamonds.

Why do they make the ideal travel accessory? 

They’re very beautiful and very valuable, but not ostentatious. You can be at any corner of the globe and you don’t have to worry about: “Should I not wear this 16-carat diamond ring?” Whereas, a 2-carat orange, blue or pink diamond can be an amazing color and very tasteful. It’s the ultimate discreet indulgence, because you know what it is, but still in a way very conservative as others won't know what you are wearing.


Budapest | 4.08 carat fancy vivid orange pear-shape.

What makes Asprey’s collection of colored diamonds unique or special?

Two things: the extraordinary quality of the stones and the integrity of the jewelry design Asprey brings to each diamond. We work with our clients to create something custom, but also in the design sensibility of Asprey, so it speaks to our history and aesthetic.


New York City | 3.13 carat fancy vivid blue cut-cornered.

When you’re on vacation, you have a finite amount of packing space. What are some versatile pieces a woman should bring? 

You can adapt your outfits with a clever use of jewelry. A beautiful diamond line or tennis bracelet can be worn with a crisp white shirt and a pair of jeans — or a summer dress; it can also work with a black cocktail dress for the evening. Add some beautiful cocktail rings for splashes of color.


Dorado Beach | 1.57 carat fancy green round.

Is there any kind of jewelry you wouldn’t recommend traveling with? 

Don’t bring pearls on vacation with you because they’re very fragile. They scratch easily, and you don’t want to get sunscreen, hairspray or perfume on them. When you’re on vacation, you want to be lighthearted. You don’t want to have to think: “I wasn’t planning on jumping in the ocean, but now I want to, because I’m at this amazing beach” — you don’t want to think about whether you might ruin your jewelry or not.


Phulay Bay | Blue & Pink Lotus Necklace: The three exceptional blue diamonds, identical in color and shape, and highlighted by pink diamonds.

What about diamonds — how would you recommend handling them? 

Diamonds are not only incredibly beautiful, but they’re many, many times harder than other gems. A woman just needs some soap and warm water and a soft cloth and you can polish it up in a way you don’t want to do with another piece of jewelry.


Grand Cayman | Pink Passion: The 1.57 carat fancy intense purple-pink oval diamond, flanked by two
0.70 carat similar shape D internally flawless diamonds. The Tudor Ring: 1.07 carat fancy intense purple-pink radiant cut diamond, highlighted by 8 pear-shaped colorless diamonds and by fancy intense pink round diamonds.

Any last travel tips?

This probably goes without saying, but never, ever check in luggage with your jewelry. It should always be on you, in your handbag or in a carry-on. And, really, when it comes down to it, you should wear what makes you feel good and comfortable. When you’re traveling, you want to wear pieces that will give you that “at home” feeling — in all parts of the world.


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