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Jinwan Plaza in Tianjin, on the edge of the Hai River

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Article by Lillian Chou 06.20.2016 Photographed by Andrew Rowat

Tianjin’s proximity to Beijing has always given it significance, though it’s been neglected for the same reason. But the two cities are now more connected than ever, thanks to a 30-minute fast train. As a major international trading port, Tianjin was divided, around the turn of the 20th century, to include eight foreign legations, or concessions, each with its own architecture. The result is a hodgepodge of Western villas and churches, Baroque and Palladian edifices, and communist-style structures nestled among temples and other traditional Chinese buildings.

The Tianjin Eye, a 394 foot tall Ferris Wheel

The best views of the city can be taken in from atop the Tianjin Eye, a 394-foot Ferris wheel that sits above the Yongle Bridge.

Famous noodle dishes in Tianjin's Hongkou District

Dou Si Niu Za Mian, a restaurant on Yixian Avenue, is famous for its noodle dishes, drawing midday crowds.

Crowd playing a ring toss game for prizes like stuffed animals

People outside Drum Tower play a game in which they try to throw rings around prizes like stuffed animals and trinkets.

Vendor preparing fried rice cakes for a crowd

A street vendor prepares er duo yan zha gao, a fried rice cake and a local breakfast staple.

Exterior of Tianjin's train station

Tianjin’s train station, which offers 30-minute express trains to and from Beijing.

Dawn breaks over the Great Wall at Yellow Cliff Pass

Dawn breaks over the Great Wall in Huangyaguan, north of Tianjin.

Jinwan Plaza in Tianjin, on the edge of the Hai River

Jinwan Plaza, an entertainment complex, sits pretty on the edge of the Hai River.

A game of Chinese chess taking place in Tianjin

Locals engage in a game of Chinese chess.

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    Experience The historical heart of China’s Port of the Emperor.

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