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Cliffs of Los Gigantes in Tenerife

Spectacular vistas can be seen from nearly every corner of Tenerife. Here, the cliffs of Los Gigantes rise 2,600 feet above the ocean.

An Insider’s Guide to Tenerife

Article and photography by David Cicconi 01.06.2017

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is known for its spectacular beaches, tourist-friendly towns and idyllic temperatures. But the island also has a cultured and adventurous side. Discover the volcanic, varied (and bewitching) beauty of this famed Spanish enclave.

Moss covered tree trunks in Anaga park, Tenerife

Among Tenerife’s many natural wonders are the green moss-covered tree trunks inside the subtropical laurel forest in the rural park of Anaga.


Angel Luis de La Crus, owner of an art gallery in Tenerife

Ángel Luis de la Cruz owns the contemporary gallery Galería Leyendecker, a nexus of artistic energy in Santa Cruz, the island’s capital.


Calle Obispo in Tenerife

Lined with pale blue and yellow buildings, the cobblestoned Calle Obispo Rey Redondo is La Laguna's main thoroughfare.


Teide Observatory in Tenerife

At the Teide Observatory, seen in the distance, astrophysicists have been studying zodiacal light — light dispersed by interplanetary material — since the 1960s.


Octopus seafood in Tenerife

The unassuming Bodegón Guachinche 3 Dragos serves up some of the island’s freshest seafood — including the best octopus the author ever had in his life.


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Plan Your Stay in Tenerife

  • Abama

    Location Tenerife, Spain

    Experience A beachside retreat where sea, land and resort blend seamlessly.

    • Overlooks the brilliantly blue Atlantic
    • 13 restaurants and bars to experience
    • A 72-par, Dave Thomas golf course