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Chile's Wild Side

Article and photography by Michael Turek 08.21.2017

A photographer steps from behind the lens to experience Patagonia's volcanoes and fjords.

An international cast of adventurers has gathered in Chile for a Nomads of the Seas cruise exploring the Patagonian wilderness. Here, we enjoy an al fresco lunch at Caleta Porcelana, a beautiful cove in Los Lagos.

Our vessel is the MV Atmosphere, a luxurious expedition ship equipped with two Bell 407 helicopters and a fleet of watercraft.

A 10-minute helicopter ride delivers us to the semidormant Apagado volcano, where we are deposited on a saddle of volcanic sand below the crater’s rim. The hike is a steep climb over loose shale and gravel, but the resulting views are incredible: the Andes on one side and dark islands dotting the silver fjords on the other.

A daredevil leaps from the MV Atmosphere into a fjord.

Guests gather for Chilean wine.

Porcelana’s hot springs are located on a small farm at the end of a fjord.

A Nomads of the Seas chef works his magic in a makeshift kitchen.

The group enjoys a backwoods barbecue.


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