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5 Ways to Curate Your Own Yacht Journey

Article by Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

Experience the true essence of travel with immersive experiences that connect you to the most intimate corners of the world. Set sail to discover curated adventures that are sure to spark new passions and curiosities.

Mornings spent watching the sunrise over calm ocean waters and experiences awaiting you ashore — a voyage with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection weaves moments of repose and indulgence into a journey of discovery. Get in touch with unique cultures and discover ancient relics in remote ports of call. Explore the great outdoors and embrace your inner adventurer on excursions into the wild. Or simply focus on your own wellbeing with curations like sunrise yoga on the water. Discover a world of unexpected delights as you explore hideaways around the globe.


1.    Málaga, Spain: Explore the Legacy of Pablo Picasso    

Panoramic view from fortress wall of Mijas village at sunset.

Spain has been home to some of the most renowned artists of the last century, from the likes of Salvador Dalí, Antoni Gaudí and Pablo Picasso. Brilliant architecture, splendid sculpture gardens and stunning museums allow Spaniards and visitors alike to pay homage to these luminaries. Before sailing through the Strait of Gibraltar, step ashore in Málaga, the city where Pablo Picasso was born and where his legacy lives on. Take an exclusive tour of the Picasso Museum, where you’ll get the chance to witness a chronological exhibition of his masterworks in painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and other modes, following Picasso’s formative years through his revolutionary innovations and experiments. Toast to your day with a glass of local cava before continuing your way on to Gibraltar and the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula. 


2.    Puerto Rico: Explore Island Beauty by Both Land and Sea

A surfer stands overlooking the ocean.

From verdant rainforest to sparkling Caribbean waters, experience the full sweep of nature’s beauty in one of the lushest regions in the world. The island of Puerto Rico is a landscape like no other, with its vivid shades of blue and green set against the region’s white-sand shores. Discover El Yunque National Forest, where 28,000 acres of forest provide a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife, then enjoy a short, guided hike on one of the walker-friendly trails. From El Yunque, head to one of the island’s iconic surfing beaches, La Pared, where licensed surfing instructors and calm waters await. Learn the basics on land then get in the water to catch a wave or two at this prime surfing spot. 


3.    Croatia: Experience Timeless Beauty and Countryside Charms

Blooming lavender on the island of Hvar, Croatia

The island of Hvar in the Adriatic Sea is as well-known for its year-round sunshine and bustling beachside bars as it is for its rich culture and history. Venture a bit off the beaten path to explore the hora, an agricultural region complete with fields, groves and vineyards that have been preserved, virtually unchanged, since ancient Greeks settled on the island more than 2,400 years ago. There, you’ll have the opportunity to walk through the bountiful lavender fields before learning about the plant’s beneficial properties and even making your own sachets to take home. Round out the idyllic experience with a homemade feast of freshly baked bread, cheese and wine.


4.    Italy: Taste a Great Culinary Tradition

Lush, rolling hills of Italy's wine country.

Truffles are a beloved delicacy throughout the Mediterranean, and the rolling hills of Tuscany produce some of the region’s finest. Forge a deeper connection to the region’s culinary traditions as you set out with your local guides, the Savini family, to uncover Italy's most prized crop. Discover a culinary passion that’s been passed down for generations as the Savini staff — accompanied by their friendly hunting dogs — guide you through the Tuscan woods on a true truffle hunt. Prized possessions in hand, return to the Savini shop to savor the fruits of your labor with a midday Italian feast prepared by the family’s culinary experts.


5.    Martinique: Find Peace in the Heart of the Caribbean

The calming elements of an ocean bay and the nuanced instruction of an experienced Vinyasa practitioner combine to create a moment of Zen. Slow down, focus on the horizon and connect to the water as you embrace the challenge of SUP Yoga. Experience this innovative practice that combines classic yoga poses with the aquatic sport of standup paddle boarding in the beautiful setting of a tranquil bay on Martinique’s south coast. Post-practice, revel in the beauty of nature at some of the region’s best beaches, including the much-celebrated Grande Anse des Salines.

Reservations for The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection are open for the 2020 inaugural and 2021 seasons. Begin planning your next yacht journey today.


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