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Two kayaks bathed in mist and sunlight look out on the calm sea.

Go Deeper: 5 Ways to Curate Your Own Yacht Journey

Article by Melissa Liebling-Goldberg 07.20.2018

Experience the true essence of travel with immersive experiences that connect you to the most intimate corners of the world. Set sail to discover curated adventures that are sure to spark new passions and curiosities.

Mornings spent watching the sunrise over calm ocean waters and exceptional experiences awaiting you ashore — a voyage with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection seamlessly weaves moments of repose and indulgence into a journey of discovery. Get in touch with unique cultures and take part in philanthropic opportunities in remote ports of call. Explore the great outdoors and embrace your inner adventurer with high-octane outings that are sure to get your adrenaline flowing. Or simply focus on your own wellbeing with curations like sunrise yoga on the water. Discover a world of unexpected delights as you explore exquisite hideaways around the globe.


1.    Monaco: Experience the Thrill and Glamour of Formula 1 Racing

Perhaps no port of call is better designed to welcome a luxury yacht than Monte Carlo, where some of the most splendid yachts in the world make their home. Verdant mountains ascend abruptly behind the lavish high-rises lining the bay and perched on the cliff is the Palace of the Prince, where the Changing of the Guard attracts onlookers each morning at 11:55. The only thing more spectacular than the region’s natural beauty are the luxury cars driving the winding streets that host the annual Grand Prix. Set sail on the Marquee Voyage to Monaco to see the inner workings of this exclusive weekend-long Formula 1 event as you walk the pit lane, explore the team garages and visit the Support Race Paddock. On Saturday, thrill to the practice runs and the high-stakes qualifiers while watching from the reserved seats in the covered area of the Grandstand T. Return on Sunday for the main event and see who wins the trophy as you enjoy a lunch paired with fine wines and champagne.


2.    Iceland: Explore a Timeless, Mythical World by Sea

Two kayaks bathed in mist and sunlight look out on the calm sea.

From medieval ruins to modern marvels, experience the full sweep of history in one of the most beautifully engaging regions in the world. The coast of Iceland is a landscape like no other, with its vivid shades of blue and green set against the island’s rocky shores. Head out into the pristine sea on a kayak tour from the small, charming village of Stokkseyri, followed by a short boat ride to a private island that will take you back to a simpler time. Discover long-held culinary traditions as you catch your dinner by net fishing and then sit by the fire for a delicious three-course meal prepared with all the freshest ingredients, down to homegrown herbs. The beauty of the landscape and the authentic experience combine into a singular moment diverging from the day to day.


3.    Scotland: Discover a Flair for the Dramatic

Bright red fireworks explode over the Edinburgh Castle and evening city skyline.

Music. Pageantry. Scenery. It's no wonder that the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is the highlight of Scotland's cultural calendar and one of the great traditions of the British Isles. This Marquee Voyage excursion places you inside the iconic showcase of Scottish regiments (all in their finest tartans), giving you a firsthand look at unique elements of Scottish culture. Enter the spectacular hilltop event with the salute taker’s convoy and walk directly in to your covered seat in the exclusive Royal Gallery. After the rousing musical performances are capped by a dazzling display of fireworks, finish your unforgettable evening by meeting the event's producer at a champagne reception.


4.    Southern France: Taste a Great Culinary Tradition

Tables and chairs are set on a shaded terrace with a view of Lake Tahoe.

Oysters, or les huîtres, are a beloved delicacy throughout France, and the pure water quality of the lagoon of Thau in the southeast of the country produces the famously delicious Bouzigues oysters. Forge a deeper connection to the region’s culinary traditions as you learn the secrets of the traditional process of cultivating the oysters for harvest at a private farm, and then enjoy tasting the legendary bivalves at Saint Barthélemy, the famous oyster bar and restaurant perched in the town of Sète, where you’ll dine among locals and travelers alike. Just a squeeze of fresh lemon is all you'll need to complete your bounty, but we wouldn't fault you for adding a glass of crisp white wine as well.


5.    Martinique: Find Peace in the Heart of the Caribbean

Tables and chairs are set on a shaded terrace with a view of Lake Tahoe.

Breathe in, breathe out. Add in the calming elements of an ocean bay and the nuanced instruction of an experienced Vinyasa practitioner, and your moment of Zen is guaranteed. Slow down, focus on the horizon and connect to the water as you embrace the challenge of SUP Yoga. Experience this innovative practice that combines classic yoga poses with the aquatic sport of standup paddle boarding in the beautiful setting of a tranquil bay on Martinique’s south coast. Post-practice, revel in the beauty of nature at some of the region’s best beaches, including the much-celebrated Grande Anse des Salines.

Discover new worlds, cultures, tastes — the serene quietude of an underwater ecosystem, or the transcendent flavors of an unexplored cuisine. Along the way, discover another side of yourself.
Reserve your voyage today.


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