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Under the Sea

Article by Raegan Johnson

A tropical vacation is the perfect way to take in the spectrum of our seas — turquoise, teal, emerald, cerulean. Don’t just appreciate the colors of the oceans from the sandy shores. Take a dive beneath the water to explore the vibrant reefs and colorful marine life that live in the sea.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Head out with dive masters to explore the waters around Pulau Langkawi. Guides will take you to deep waters, where you’ll see barracudas, cod and snapper. Or stay in the shallows and snorkel around the unspoiled coral reefs.

View of Langkawi island in Malaysia


Take an underwater tour of Maui’s fascinating natural coral reefs, fish and marine life aboard an Atlantis Submarine. This high-tech undersea vessel explores depths of over 100 feet and provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Green sea turtle swimming in ocean sea in Maui

Krabi, Thailand

The warm, clear waters of the Andaman Sea boast some of the best diving in the world. Go diving at the Ao Nang Archipelago to see colorful marine life like mantis shrimp, seahorses and nudibranchs. If you’re an advanced diver, head to the Shark Point Marine Sanctuary for sightings of leopard sharks, moray eels and the Anemone Reef.

Loh samah bay at phi phi island, krabi Thailand

Bali, Indonesia

During World War II, a Japanese torpedo hit the U.S. Army supply ship USAT Liberty. No one was hurt, and the ship was abandoned off the coast of Tulamben, where a volcano eruption in 1963 pushed it further into sea. Subsequently, it became covered in coral and marine life. This underwater marvel is yours to explore with the aid of expert scuba guides.

The shipwreck USAT Liberty undersea in Bali, Indonesia


At most sea parks, one can interact with dolphins and watch adorable sea lions do tricks for fish, but the Miami Seaquarium takes the experience a huge leap further. Guests can take an underwater walking tour of the 300,000-gallon tropical reef while equipped with dive helmets that allow them to breathe underwater — and get up close and personal with fish, stingrays and other sea life. 

Blue starfish underwater at the Miami Seaquarium

Grand Cayman Island

For a truly unique experience, head to the North Sound of Grand Cayman Island, where you’ll find Stingray City. The graceful animals that live in these shallow waters aren’t afraid of humans, so feel free to swim with — and pet! — these soft, friendly giants.


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